It is a  cause of Unhappiness & a root of Evil which plays important role in life.It is not happiness but it brings happiness.Hence , it should be handled carefully , sensitively & scientifically.

It is not easy to earn money but it is more hard to spend it properly.To spend it common sense attitude alongwith serious view is needed.




Think upon it…………….



…Wise person visits God between two & twenty.

…Day begins with prayer is most likely to end with praise.

…Hate sine & not the sinner.

…Squirrel is meat of Devil’s oven.

…Knowledge is Power.

…Ignorance is delicate exotic fruit,touch it,its bloom goes away.If you dream it,you can do it……

…….Work is worship

…If you dream it,you can do it.

…Magnify skill or else modify dream.

…Creativity is a simple process of focusing on things.

…Be careful to ask what you want,you may get it.

…One sometime finds , what one is not looking for.

…Struggle for existence

…Fight to win & not for defeat.

…Some people appear bright,until you hear it.

…Believe everybody ,trust nobody.

…Trust but verify.

…Respond somebody,react anybody.

….Forgive enemy but don’t forget his name.

…Danger in life is to take too many precautions

…Precaution is better than Cure.

…Who does not know how to live upon little is perpetual slave.

……Golden cage does not feed bird.

…..Dance like butterfly,Sting like abeey.

….Money itself is not happiness but it brings happiness.

….One’s dignity cannot be taken unless and until one relinquishes it.

…Confidence may not bring success but gives courage.

……Time is great teacher but unfortunately it kills its own pupils.

….No one can stop us from rebounding unless we give up.

…Umbrella can’t stop rain but protects from rain

…..Horror of Nature is Failure of Human

Polar Bears do not eat during the whole Winter season.


Male Sea-bears are called as Boars & females are as Sows.

Rhino’s horn is made of tightly packed strands of Keratin-proteins .This protein is also find in Human’s hairs& nails,Animal’s claws & hooves  Bird’s feathers and shells of tortoise & porcupine quills.

Hippopotamus are strictly vegatarians .Their skin is very very thick & bulletproof.It exudes oily red fluid which keeps dryness away.Hippos are having only 4 teeth .They can easily kill humans,crocodiles,sharks&  lions,hence nobody takes risk to attack on him.

Crocodiles digestive juices have enough Hydrochloric acid which can dissolve iron or steel.But they can not survive without ultraviolet radiation of Sunlight,which enables them to prepare Calcium.

Blue Whale feed almost up to 3 tonnes per day during Summer.Remaining period they eat virtually nothing.

Dolphins are whales who drink nothing.They get liquid from their food & by burning their body-fats.They sleep by shutting down half of their brain & opposite eye at one time which is known as Logging Process.

Male-frog can make a huge variety of noises like……..croak,snore,grunt,trill,cluck,ring,whoop,whistle,grow.But female frog mostly remain silent.

Linus Longissimus ( Ribbon Worm) is a Bootless Worm which is longest animal in World.It has no heart .Its blood is pumped by its muscles.

Male reindeer looses its antelers at the beginning of Winter.Female reindeer ( Rudalf) has red nose & can keep its antelers until Spring.Reindeers can grow tissues fastly in all mammels.

Lions,Tigers,Panthers,Leopards & Jaguars belong to Cat-family who can roar.One year old – cat is compared with 16 human years.4 years cat is compared with 32 years old human.

Tiger cannot abide smell of Alcohols.They may savage anyone who is drunked or drinking.A century ago there were about 40000 tigers in India.

Kangaroo word comes from aboriginal word Guugus which is largest hooping animal in World.

Camel is American origin evolved 20 millions years ago.Camel’s humps stores fats & not water as supposed, which is used by them as Reserve Energy.While water is stored throughout its bloodstream.Camel can remain 7 days without drinking water & may loose its 40% weight .It may drink up to 225 litres water at one time.

Chihuahua is smallest Dog in World.

Dogs mate back-to-back by knotting so as to minimize Semen leakage until ejaculation,after that its penis is shrinked separating their bodies.

Chameleons change their colours as a result of their different emotional states & not to match with background as supposed.They are deaf but can rotate & focus their either eye independently in two different directions at a time.They can remain motionless completely for several hours.

Sloths are slowest animals in World.        Spider has no eyes.

Marmots belongs to squirrel family causing fatal diceases in humans which estimates higher death roll after mosquitoes.

Cobra responds to sight & not to sound of flute.Because each & every snake is deaf.

Owl can turn their head in 270° because of its extra vertibrae & specialized muscles.They can see in 3 dimensions but cannot move its eyes.

Turkeys are able to give birth without sex.

Dodo a specie of Pigeon found in Mauritius is extinct because loss of its habitat.

Ostrich is largest Bird in World which can eat odd things like brick,stone ,iron,glass.It can run at a speed 130 km per hour.It lays down smallest eggs as compared to its size.

Britain’s smallest bird is Goldcrest.

Flamingoes are pink in colour ,because they eat lot of blue algae.They lay down only one egg during the whole year incubated by both parents.They produce highly nutritious milk from their throats for their chicks.They can sleep down on one leg only while other leg remains alert for predators.Their maximum age is about 50 years.

Flamingoes & Pigeons are only birds in World who produce milk for their chicks.

Bees brains have 950000 neurons while human brain have 100 to 200 billian neurons.Buzzing of bees is caused by vibration of their wings & amplification from their thorax.

ANT:—- ant has largest brain in comparison of its own size,having weight about 6% of its total body.It has photographic memory which can store lot of information’s.Ants activities are like human beings.Some known activities are ……………………

to form fungi….to raise aphides as live-stock… alarm… exchange information ceaselessly… launch army in war……to confuse enemy…to use chemical spray….to capture slaves….

Ant can survive 19 days under Water.Wood ant can survive 24 days without head ,but can’t survive alone outside their colony.

Mosquitoes are most dangerous for human beings ,killing 1 person in every 12 seconds per day.Their total known species in World are 2500.out of that 400 species belong to Anapheles Family,out of that 40 female mosquitoes are dangerous.They can transmit fatal diceases to humans………like  Malaria,Dengue,Yellow fever through their saliva.They attract towards hosts by body temperature,movements,sweat,moisture,carbon-di-oxide,milk and pregnant woman’s smell.      Male mosquitoes bite to only plants.Ronald Ross proved this theory in 1902 and won the Nobel Prize in medicines.

Spanish & Portuguese call mosquitoes as Small Flies.


Strongest wood

Strongest wood is Balsa when measured in stiffness,bend ability & compressibility.Ecuador is largest exporter of Balsa.

Lightest wood is Phow found in New Zealand.

Traditional yellow pencil is manufactured by Josef Hardmuth in Prague’s factory,named after Qeen’s yellow diamond Kohinoor.Rubber in most pencils are made from vegetable oil with very small quantity of rubber.

The great fire of London destroyed 13200 houses,87 churches & 44 livery halls ,about 80% oftotal city,even though. caused only 5 casualties.

Swiss are only Europions who eat Dog-meat.

Bangkok is Capital of Thailand,Bang means Village while Kok word comes from “Makok” ,a kind of fruit.

Tobacco kills Humans.Primarily smoking was known as Drinking Smoke then after it is named as ” Smoking”.

From America tobacco was introduced to France,then from to England.

Panama Hats comes from Ecuador,exported by Shippers of Panama,hence called as Panama Hats.

Symbol of Holland == Tulips,Windmills & Clogs.

Saffron ( केसर) word comes from Arebic word “asfer” which means yellow in colour.85000 to 140000 crocuses ( फुले) required for one kg saffron.

Biscuit means twicely cooked.Jaffa-cakes ,are Britain’s most popular biscuits made from sugar,apricot pulp & squirt of tangerine oil. Americans call biscuits as Cookies or Crackers.

3510 varieties of Chillies are estimated throughout the World.DORSET from South West Coast & NAGA from Assam ( India) & Bangladesh are hottest chillies in world.

Colourless,& odourless compound containing highest level of Capsaicin that ,the membrane to which seeds attached is hottest bit of chillie and not the seeds as known.Hotness of Chillies is measured by Scoville Heat Units ( SHU ).

Carrots occurring in red,yellow,purple , green & even in black shade is a good source of Vit.-A

Some breeds of Carrots are having such proteins which can stop ice-crystals growing.This natural anti-freeze phenomenon can be extracted and used in improving shelf-life of frozen food and to preserve Body-tissues for medical purpose.

Banana are Berries of a giant Herb & not fruits of tree.Ecuador is largest exporter of Bananas.

Berry is fleshy fruit which contains several seeds.                                                              

Drupe is flesh-fruit which contains single-stone or pit.Coconut is world’s largest drupe & also called as Dry Drip because of its hard flesh.Inside of it is water which is excellent hangover-cure.It is completely steriled & isotonic ,full of vitamines & minerals and can be used in place of Saline-drip.Coconut milk is obtained by boiling its white-meat with water,further boiling gives coconut-cream.In Sanskrit coconut-tree is called as  Kalpavriksh, which means to fulfill all needs.

Nut is simple dry-fruit having one or two seeds.In which seed-case wall becomes hard at maturity.

Mushroom finding in Malheur National Forest of Oregon is the largest Living-thing in World.


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Emperor Nero was playing ” fiddle” during burning of Rome.


Waterloo was Napoleons most crushing defeat but the most humiliating defeat was by hunger & starving which is most embarrassing.He died of complications of stomach ulcer.

” Piccadily Circus” was technologically ground breaking ” FIRST STATUE in world casted in Aluminum.

FRESH KILLS the rubbish dump on Staten Island is the single largest man-made structure on Earth.

King Athelstan was first TRUE King of England while Harold Godwinson ( Harold- || ) was the Last King who ruled England.

Nationality of Duke of Wellington was Irish.After demise of Qeen Victoria the Black-Band was added in Hat in her honour in 1901.

Sir Henry Campbell Bannerman was Britain’s First Prime Minister while Sir Robert Walpole was First “de-facto” Prime Minister.

Robbin Hood was real champion of Emerging middle class people.

Henry the Black was first man who had right round the world ( circumnavigation ).

John Elcano was the first man to travel around the WORLD in a SINGLE TRIP.

Catherine Great ,Empress of Russia built more St.Petersburg ,than Peter the Great.She also sorted out the complexity of Russian Laws.

Fruit Fly was First Animal sent in Space.Astronaught Yuri Gagarin was First Man sent in Space.

John Ruskin was Father of Trade Unions.

William Dampier was first Europion who discovered Australia while Zheng was first Chinese who discovered Australia during MING Dynasty.In fact, the real discoverers of Australia were Aboriginals like Yolngus & Guugus.

America is named after Richard Ameryk.Peyton Randolph was FIRST PRESIDENT in 14 Pre Washington Presidents.

George Washington wasFIRST PRESIDENT of Indepedant United States of USA.Whoes false teeth were made from the teeth of Hippopotamus.

Capital of Hawaii “Honolulu” is world’s largest city who still uses British Union Jack.

Discoveries & Inventions


Log cabin ==probably in Scandinavia or Greece              Whip == China       Porcelain == China

Whisky,Ice-cream & Chop- suey == China        Fortune Cookies == America 

Chiken Tikka == India.    Champagne ,its glass bottle & corks ==

Glass == Egypt        Rickshaw. ==American missionary  Jonathan. 

Guillotine == Yarkshire at Halifax.                 Gumboots == Amazian Indians 

Organized Courier System == Pharoah of Egypt      Courier System == Persion Emperor Cyrus the Great

Post word comes from Latin Word Postia which means placed.Mail word comes from french- word Male which means Bag.

Romans were having two-tier mailing system :: First-class by Horse & Second-class by Ox-cart.

Chinese were having Mailing-news-system.     Envelope invented by Assyria.

London Penny Post established by William Dockwra.

Base – ball’— England but Modern BASE-BALL in America by Alexander Cartwright

Ball- point of Pen ==Hungarian Scientist  Laszlo Brio

Rubber problem solved by Goodyear by heating rubber.

Theory of relativity == Galileo         Hemisphere Sundial == Aristarchus.   

Steam Engine & Vending Machine == Heron ( Hero) from Egypt.

Bag- pipes == Central Asia           Prototype Telephone == Alexander Bell  in 1876

Antonio Meucci demonstrated Teletrophono in 1860 but failed to achieve patent.

Edison suggested to say Hallow when starring conversation on telephone.

Mercator was the Father of Modern Cartography.

Teflon is a trade name of Polytetra Fluroethylene ( fluoropolymer ) a Resin discovered by Roy Plunkett.

Patent of manhole,its cover,drains,pipe joints & ballock == British Plumber Thomas Copper .


Stages in human evolution

^BHuman evolution. ^b Illustration showing stages in the evolution of humans. At left, ^Iproconsul^i (23-15 million years ago) is depicted hypothetically as an African ape with both primitive and advanced features. From it ^IAustralopithecus^i ^Iafarensis^i (>4- 2.5 Myr BP) evolved and displayed a bipedal, upright gait walking on two legs. ^IHomo^i ^Ihabilis^i (2.5 Myr BP) was truly human (“homo”) resembling ^IAustralopithecus^i but also used stone tools. About 1.5 Myr BP ^IHomo erectus^i (at centre) appeared in Africa, used fire, wooden tools, and migrated from Africa into Eurasia. ^IHomo^i ^Ineanderthalensis^i (200,000 years BP) lived in Europe and Middle East and was closely related to modern humans (right).

Humans might have evolved from Chimpanzees.Human brain is most complex object in Cosmos ,why it is,nobody knows.It is having astonishing potential.No. of informative ways  of exchang- cable in brain is greater than the no.of atoms in universe.Men’s & Women’s Brains are differently wired & configured having same output ( intelligence ).

Normal person weighing 76 kg contains almost 1 kg nitrogen.

Biggest killer of human is there own works.Risk of death can be calculated using ” Duckworth Scale” .Anybody dies there are plenty of actions even after death.Body gets dehydrated,tighting skin creating illusion of hairs & nails growth.Thousands of bacteria,worms,mites& beetles contribute in decomposition of body.

Genetic Evidence shows that one of the first population in World is Africans & Andamanees living at coastal island of India.

In Stone-age ( Paleolithic) people were living in caves,underground homes & forests.They were called as .Troglodytes,or Sami or Chaves or Caribau.They firstly domesticated Reindeer for its milk ,meat& fur.

Period of domestication of major animals :————

Reindeer & Dogs == 12000 BC    Ships & Pigs ==8000 BC.     Cattle == 6000 BC

At the. end of Ice-age people were forced to turn towards farming.

Metal- tools developed during Bronze- age across Northern Europe.

Boomrangs were used by Aboriginals  for hunting Kangaroos since 14000 years in Australia .They were designed as to return back.

Oldest returning stick was found in Poland firstly.

Hawthorns flower’s smell is heavy & complicated like rotten smell.

Side effect of Zinc makes man aggressive ,while eating of   marmite( मुरब्बा) may compensate it.

Biologist Herbert Spencer coined firstly ” Survival of fittest is Nature’s Law” & not by Darwin as known.

Baron of Coubertein staged first international revival of games in Athens in 1896.


Fusion x64 TIFF File

Fusion x64 TIFF File

Only 4% universe is appearing while 96% is missing.Who governs it nobody knows,hence it is assumed that it is governed by Almighty God.Colour of universe is beige in colour.

Galaxy:— There are more than one billion galaxies in universe.Out of which only 4 can be seen with naked eyes from earth,two from each hemisphere.
Planet:—– Orbit of Sun, Enough spherical mass ,& Clear neighborhood – An Object fulfilling these 3 criteria is called as planet.
Asteroids:— It hits Earth in every million years killing billions of lives.
Sunlight :— Speed of Sunlight is much faster than speed of sound.It does not remain constant,in vaccum it’s maximum speed is 3 lacs kilometers per second.
Earth:—- Earth is a planet having flattened shape with 7 moons,out of which 6 are pseudo moons.Moon goes around Earth while Earth goes around Sun.Moondust feels like snow & smells like gunpowder.It contains iron,calcium & magnesium minerals.
Moon is more than 4 lacs kilometers away from Earth.No human Artefact upon Earth can be seen with naked eyes from Moon.
A day is a single rotation of Earth with its own axis.,which is never exactly 24 hours long.Speed of Earth is continually changing as a results caused by Geological Events ….such as. …Tides,& Weather Patterns.
Ingredients of Air on Earth :– 1) Oxygen less than 21% of total Air. Most of it is produced by Algae. 2) Carbon – di- oxide :— three hundredth of 1% of total Air. 3) Nitrogen :—-78% of total Air. 4) Hydrogen.
About 7/10 th portion of Earth is covered by Water .Its total weight is less than 15 th of 1% of total planets weight.Sea Water is clear, & transparent.with faint blue shade.Better conductor of electricity than fresh water.
Sound of Shrimps is loudest than anything in Sea.
Matter found on Earth is in 4 various States like ….Solid , Liquid ,Gas & Strange Matter.
Glass is a bona fide Amorphous Solid.
Giant Volcano on Earth :– Mount Olympus which is 22 km High & 624 km across.
Driest,Windest & Wettest Place on Earth is Antarctica where no rain is fallen since 2 millions years.Nest driest place is Atacama Chillie where no rain is fallen since 400 years.
Tallest Mountain on Earth is Mauna Kea.Its night point is Hawaii.( Tollest point of mountain is measured from its bottom.)
Highest Mountain in World is Mount Everest though it is not a tallest mountain.( Highest point of mountain is measured from Sea Level & not from bottom.)
Mount Everest :- In Nepali is called as Chomolungma ( mother of Universe ) ,in Tibetian .Sagarmatha ( forehead of sky )
Mount Augustus in Western Australia is a biggest Rock in World & Largest Single Oid Rock sacred to Wadjari People.
Finland is coolest place on planet.
Clouds:— are collections of tiny water droplets or ice crystals held in suspension in atmosphere .Droplets are formed by condensation of water velours around smaller particals….like..smoke or salt.
Cirrus clouds are only clouds which are entirely made of ice.Its raindrops are spherical.It regulates temperature on Earth.
Minerals on Earth:—–Mineral Compound “Pervoskite” is commonest material found on Earth.It is a compound of Magnesium,Silicon & Oxygen .
Gypsum is most widely available mineral in World.It is made of Calcium Sulphate.,used in manufacturing of Cement, Fertilizers, Tiles,Textiles Plaster of Paris Paper ,Statues ,Marbles etc.
Diamond is one of the hardest naturally occurring substance,formed under immence heat & pressure made on pure carbon in Earth.Brought on surface of Earth in Volcanic Eruptions.
Various metals are found on Earth.Out of them mercury,gallium, caecium& francium are in liquid forms at room temperature.
Silver is best conductor of heat & electricity.Second most conductive element is Copper.
Silver- blue metal Osmium , White- yellowish metal Iridium & Platinum are most Denset Elements.
Nuclear Radiation is measured in Rads.Human dies at exposure 1000 rads.While bacteria Conam can tolerate 1.5 million rads.
Turkish Saint Nicholas of South-West Turkey was real Santa who performed miracles.Capital of Lapland- Rovaniemi was his official Post-Office.
Sphinx is a Mythical-Beast having Head of Woman ,Body of Lion & Wings of Birds.