Discoveries & Inventions


Log cabin ==probably in Scandinavia or Greece              Whip == China       Porcelain == China

Whisky,Ice-cream & Chop- suey == China        Fortune Cookies == America 

Chiken Tikka == India.    Champagne ,its glass bottle & corks ==

Glass == Egypt        Rickshaw. ==American missionary  Jonathan. 

Guillotine == Yarkshire at Halifax.                 Gumboots == Amazian Indians 

Organized Courier System == Pharoah of Egypt      Courier System == Persion Emperor Cyrus the Great

Post word comes from Latin Word Postia which means placed.Mail word comes from french- word Male which means Bag.

Romans were having two-tier mailing system :: First-class by Horse & Second-class by Ox-cart.

Chinese were having Mailing-news-system.     Envelope invented by Assyria.

London Penny Post established by William Dockwra.

Base – ball’— England but Modern BASE-BALL in America by Alexander Cartwright

Ball- point of Pen ==Hungarian Scientist  Laszlo Brio

Rubber problem solved by Goodyear by heating rubber.

Theory of relativity == Galileo         Hemisphere Sundial == Aristarchus.   

Steam Engine & Vending Machine == Heron ( Hero) from Egypt.

Bag- pipes == Central Asia           Prototype Telephone == Alexander Bell  in 1876

Antonio Meucci demonstrated Teletrophono in 1860 but failed to achieve patent.

Edison suggested to say Hallow when starring conversation on telephone.

Mercator was the Father of Modern Cartography.

Teflon is a trade name of Polytetra Fluroethylene ( fluoropolymer ) a Resin discovered by Roy Plunkett.

Patent of manhole,its cover,drains,pipe joints & ballock == British Plumber Thomas Copper .


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