Emperor Nero was playing ” fiddle” during burning of Rome.


Waterloo was Napoleons most crushing defeat but the most humiliating defeat was by hunger & starving which is most embarrassing.He died of complications of stomach ulcer.

” Piccadily Circus” was technologically ground breaking ” FIRST STATUE in world casted in Aluminum.

FRESH KILLS the rubbish dump on Staten Island is the single largest man-made structure on Earth.

King Athelstan was first TRUE King of England while Harold Godwinson ( Harold- || ) was the Last King who ruled England.

Nationality of Duke of Wellington was Irish.After demise of Qeen Victoria the Black-Band was added in Hat in her honour in 1901.

Sir Henry Campbell Bannerman was Britain’s First Prime Minister while Sir Robert Walpole was First “de-facto” Prime Minister.

Robbin Hood was real champion of Emerging middle class people.

Henry the Black was first man who had right round the world ( circumnavigation ).

John Elcano was the first man to travel around the WORLD in a SINGLE TRIP.

Catherine Great ,Empress of Russia built more St.Petersburg ,than Peter the Great.She also sorted out the complexity of Russian Laws.

Fruit Fly was First Animal sent in Space.Astronaught Yuri Gagarin was First Man sent in Space.

John Ruskin was Father of Trade Unions.

William Dampier was first Europion who discovered Australia while Zheng was first Chinese who discovered Australia during MING Dynasty.In fact, the real discoverers of Australia were Aboriginals like Yolngus & Guugus.

America is named after Richard Ameryk.Peyton Randolph was FIRST PRESIDENT in 14 Pre Washington Presidents.

George Washington wasFIRST PRESIDENT of Indepedant United States of USA.Whoes false teeth were made from the teeth of Hippopotamus.

Capital of Hawaii “Honolulu” is world’s largest city who still uses British Union Jack.


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