Stages in human evolution

^BHuman evolution. ^b Illustration showing stages in the evolution of humans. At left, ^Iproconsul^i (23-15 million years ago) is depicted hypothetically as an African ape with both primitive and advanced features. From it ^IAustralopithecus^i ^Iafarensis^i (>4- 2.5 Myr BP) evolved and displayed a bipedal, upright gait walking on two legs. ^IHomo^i ^Ihabilis^i (2.5 Myr BP) was truly human (“homo”) resembling ^IAustralopithecus^i but also used stone tools. About 1.5 Myr BP ^IHomo erectus^i (at centre) appeared in Africa, used fire, wooden tools, and migrated from Africa into Eurasia. ^IHomo^i ^Ineanderthalensis^i (200,000 years BP) lived in Europe and Middle East and was closely related to modern humans (right).

Humans might have evolved from Chimpanzees.Human brain is most complex object in Cosmos ,why it is,nobody knows.It is having astonishing potential.No. of informative ways  of exchang- cable in brain is greater than the no.of atoms in universe.Men’s & Women’s Brains are differently wired & configured having same output ( intelligence ).

Normal person weighing 76 kg contains almost 1 kg nitrogen.

Biggest killer of human is there own works.Risk of death can be calculated using ” Duckworth Scale” .Anybody dies there are plenty of actions even after death.Body gets dehydrated,tighting skin creating illusion of hairs & nails growth.Thousands of bacteria,worms,mites& beetles contribute in decomposition of body.

Genetic Evidence shows that one of the first population in World is Africans & Andamanees living at coastal island of India.

In Stone-age ( Paleolithic) people were living in caves,underground homes & forests.They were called as .Troglodytes,or Sami or Chaves or Caribau.They firstly domesticated Reindeer for its milk ,meat& fur.

Period of domestication of major animals :————

Reindeer & Dogs == 12000 BC    Ships & Pigs ==8000 BC.     Cattle == 6000 BC

At the. end of Ice-age people were forced to turn towards farming.

Metal- tools developed during Bronze- age across Northern Europe.

Boomrangs were used by Aboriginals  for hunting Kangaroos since 14000 years in Australia .They were designed as to return back.

Oldest returning stick was found in Poland firstly.

Hawthorns flower’s smell is heavy & complicated like rotten smell.

Side effect of Zinc makes man aggressive ,while eating of   marmite( मुरब्बा) may compensate it.

Biologist Herbert Spencer coined firstly ” Survival of fittest is Nature’s Law” & not by Darwin as known.

Baron of Coubertein staged first international revival of games in Athens in 1896.


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