Strongest wood

Strongest wood is Balsa when measured in stiffness,bend ability & compressibility.Ecuador is largest exporter of Balsa.

Lightest wood is Phow found in New Zealand.

Traditional yellow pencil is manufactured by Josef Hardmuth in Prague’s factory,named after Qeen’s yellow diamond Kohinoor.Rubber in most pencils are made from vegetable oil with very small quantity of rubber.

The great fire of London destroyed 13200 houses,87 churches & 44 livery halls ,about 80% oftotal city,even though. caused only 5 casualties.

Swiss are only Europions who eat Dog-meat.

Bangkok is Capital of Thailand,Bang means Village while Kok word comes from “Makok” ,a kind of fruit.

Tobacco kills Humans.Primarily smoking was known as Drinking Smoke then after it is named as ” Smoking”.

From America tobacco was introduced to France,then from to England.

Panama Hats comes from Ecuador,exported by Shippers of Panama,hence called as Panama Hats.

Symbol of Holland == Tulips,Windmills & Clogs.

Saffron ( केसर) word comes from Arebic word “asfer” which means yellow in colour.85000 to 140000 crocuses ( फुले) required for one kg saffron.

Biscuit means twicely cooked.Jaffa-cakes ,are Britain’s most popular biscuits made from sugar,apricot pulp & squirt of tangerine oil. Americans call biscuits as Cookies or Crackers.

3510 varieties of Chillies are estimated throughout the World.DORSET from South West Coast & NAGA from Assam ( India) & Bangladesh are hottest chillies in world.

Colourless,& odourless compound containing highest level of Capsaicin that ,the membrane to which seeds attached is hottest bit of chillie and not the seeds as known.Hotness of Chillies is measured by Scoville Heat Units ( SHU ).

Carrots occurring in red,yellow,purple , green & even in black shade is a good source of Vit.-A

Some breeds of Carrots are having such proteins which can stop ice-crystals growing.This natural anti-freeze phenomenon can be extracted and used in improving shelf-life of frozen food and to preserve Body-tissues for medical purpose.

Banana are Berries of a giant Herb & not fruits of tree.Ecuador is largest exporter of Bananas.

Berry is fleshy fruit which contains several seeds.                                                              

Drupe is flesh-fruit which contains single-stone or pit.Coconut is world’s largest drupe & also called as Dry Drip because of its hard flesh.Inside of it is water which is excellent hangover-cure.It is completely steriled & isotonic ,full of vitamines & minerals and can be used in place of Saline-drip.Coconut milk is obtained by boiling its white-meat with water,further boiling gives coconut-cream.In Sanskrit coconut-tree is called as  Kalpavriksh, which means to fulfill all needs.

Nut is simple dry-fruit having one or two seeds.In which seed-case wall becomes hard at maturity.

Mushroom finding in Malheur National Forest of Oregon is the largest Living-thing in World.


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