Fusion x64 TIFF File

Fusion x64 TIFF File

Only 4% universe is appearing while 96% is missing.Who governs it nobody knows,hence it is assumed that it is governed by Almighty God.Colour of universe is beige in colour.

Galaxy:— There are more than one billion galaxies in universe.Out of which only 4 can be seen with naked eyes from earth,two from each hemisphere.
Planet:—– Orbit of Sun, Enough spherical mass ,& Clear neighborhood – An Object fulfilling these 3 criteria is called as planet.
Asteroids:— It hits Earth in every million years killing billions of lives.
Sunlight :— Speed of Sunlight is much faster than speed of sound.It does not remain constant,in vaccum it’s maximum speed is 3 lacs kilometers per second.
Earth:—- Earth is a planet having flattened shape with 7 moons,out of which 6 are pseudo moons.Moon goes around Earth while Earth goes around Sun.Moondust feels like snow & smells like gunpowder.It contains iron,calcium & magnesium minerals.
Moon is more than 4 lacs kilometers away from Earth.No human Artefact upon Earth can be seen with naked eyes from Moon.
A day is a single rotation of Earth with its own axis.,which is never exactly 24 hours long.Speed of Earth is continually changing as a results caused by Geological Events ….such as. …Tides,& Weather Patterns.
Ingredients of Air on Earth :– 1) Oxygen less than 21% of total Air. Most of it is produced by Algae. 2) Carbon – di- oxide :— three hundredth of 1% of total Air. 3) Nitrogen :—-78% of total Air. 4) Hydrogen.
About 7/10 th portion of Earth is covered by Water .Its total weight is less than 15 th of 1% of total planets weight.Sea Water is clear, & transparent.with faint blue shade.Better conductor of electricity than fresh water.
Sound of Shrimps is loudest than anything in Sea.
Matter found on Earth is in 4 various States like ….Solid , Liquid ,Gas & Strange Matter.
Glass is a bona fide Amorphous Solid.
Giant Volcano on Earth :– Mount Olympus which is 22 km High & 624 km across.
Driest,Windest & Wettest Place on Earth is Antarctica where no rain is fallen since 2 millions years.Nest driest place is Atacama Desert.in Chillie where no rain is fallen since 400 years.
Tallest Mountain on Earth is Mauna Kea.Its night point is Hawaii.( Tollest point of mountain is measured from its bottom.)
Highest Mountain in World is Mount Everest though it is not a tallest mountain.( Highest point of mountain is measured from Sea Level & not from bottom.)
Mount Everest :- In Nepali is called as Chomolungma ( mother of Universe ) ,in Tibetian .Sagarmatha ( forehead of sky )
Mount Augustus in Western Australia is a biggest Rock in World & Largest Single Oid Rock sacred to Wadjari People.
Finland is coolest place on planet.
Clouds:— are collections of tiny water droplets or ice crystals held in suspension in atmosphere .Droplets are formed by condensation of water velours around smaller particals….like..smoke or salt.
Cirrus clouds are only clouds which are entirely made of ice.Its raindrops are spherical.It regulates temperature on Earth.
Minerals on Earth:—–Mineral Compound “Pervoskite” is commonest material found on Earth.It is a compound of Magnesium,Silicon & Oxygen .
Gypsum is most widely available mineral in World.It is made of Calcium Sulphate.,used in manufacturing of Cement, Fertilizers, Tiles,Textiles Plaster of Paris Paper ,Statues ,Marbles etc.
Diamond is one of the hardest naturally occurring substance,formed under immence heat & pressure made on pure carbon in Earth.Brought on surface of Earth in Volcanic Eruptions.
Various metals are found on Earth.Out of them mercury,gallium, caecium& francium are in liquid forms at room temperature.
Silver is best conductor of heat & electricity.Second most conductive element is Copper.
Silver- blue metal Osmium , White- yellowish metal Iridium & Platinum are most Denset Elements.
Nuclear Radiation is measured in Rads.Human dies at exposure 1000 rads.While bacteria Conam can tolerate 1.5 million rads.
Turkish Saint Nicholas of South-West Turkey was real Santa who performed miracles.Capital of Lapland- Rovaniemi was his official Post-Office.
Sphinx is a Mythical-Beast having Head of Woman ,Body of Lion & Wings of Birds.


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